Chronic Illness Care

Our Approach

Trusting the human body has a miracle structure with an unbelievably strong inner healing system; we follow the principle of no harm first. Our treatments are natural, safe, effective, and non-drug or with minimum use of drugs. Our team of integrative health specialists works together to evaluate and target the underlying root causes of chronic illness and treat the body as a whole.

Our Treatments

Remove the blockages of energetic and microvascular circulation using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Investigate and treat underlying chronic infections using botanical and herbal medicine in addition to conservative use of antibiotics, to support the body's immune functions.

Investigate and treat underlying chronic inflammation caused by food sensitivities, dietary allergies, stress, leaky gut, immune dysfunction, and nutrient deficiency.

Investigate your hormonal status and optimize it with natural or bioidentical supplementations.

Identify and modify the social behaviors that contribute to the pain experience and desensitize physical and emotional reactions to the illness.

Manage patient's medications to minimize the side effects. We work closely with your healthcare team to manage and treat your chronic illness.

I suffer from an autoimmune disease with a genetic link. It causes debilitating pain and stiffness in my back. I tried all kinds of medications from anti-inflammatory drugs to immunosuppressants, and each works for some time and stop working. Injection of toxic liver medication every two weeks frightens me. I have received acupuncture treatment and customized dietary modification at the Yang Institute. I am now free of the symptoms with minimum need for medication, which I did not believe was possible".

-John S

I came to Yang Institute seeking treatment at the time I was running out of options with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I was hoping to relieve my pain in the chest and scar tissue from the multiple surgeries and radiation therapy. I received acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional therapies. I also adopted a positive attitude and active lifestyle. Eight years later, I am alive, energetic, and pain-free. I am a true believer in integrative medicine. "


I have had chronic Lyme disease since age 5. I suffer from chronic pain and the horrible neurological, psychological, and physical reactions from antibiotics. Acupuncture has given me a way of life during my medical treatment that I would not have otherwise had. I am extremely grateful for it. I have been receiving acupuncture twice a week for six weeks. Sometimes it hurt, but it was always a good hurt. For me, each acupuncture point is like throwing a stone in a pond, and it lets me re-calibrate the level of water- that is my life. Mentally I can process things that I normally would not be able to. My level of understanding of the world, in general, has improved. Physically I can do things that I was not able to do. It offered me lots of benefits."

- James

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Conditions We Treat:

Lyme's disease
Arthritis, acid reflux
A-fib, irritable bowel syndrome
Multiple sclerosis
Crohn's disease