As the lead TMS Coordinator and Therapist at the Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine and Yang TMS Center of the Main Line, Kyle Beideman provides rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy to individuals with severe, treatment resistant, major depressive disorder.

Kyle received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Immaculata University. During his student career, he conducted research investigating the interaction between ADHD and multitasking in college students. Kyle later traveled to Peru and guided school psychology work and behavior observation in a private high school.

Following his undergraduate education, Kyle took his first job as a community mental health case manager. With his experience working with the underserved population that psychiatrists traditionally treat with psychopharmacological interventions, Kyle became a passionate believer in non-invasive, drug free approaches to treating mental illness.

Kyle is a voracious reader of psychology and other social sciences. Moreover, he enjoys hiking, competitive swimming, CrossFit, and listening to vinyl records. Kyle plans to obtain a doctoral degree in psychology and practice clinical neuropsychology.