Patient with Depression

Contributed by By Ellen Wang at Yang Institute Of Integrative Medicine

John, age 76, is a retired police officer. John has suffered from depression for over 10 years. Having worked his entire life as a homicide detective and having witnessed many horrific sex crimes is what most likely contributed to his condition. Three and a half years ago, John lost his eldest son which set him deeper into depression. John also had a lot of anger towards two of his other adult children. He was often feeling anxious, “out of body” and had a few panic attacks a week.

Over the last few years, he was prescribed a number of psychiatric medications by his primary care physician, including Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, and Prozac, However, in his case, none of these worked well or only worked for a short time. Some of the medications had severe side effects, such as sexual dysfunction. John also sought psychotherapy, which only helped to some extent.

John learned of Dr. Yang and his innovative non-drug approach to treating depression through his wife, who happened to be an acupuncture patient at the clinic. Dr. Yang determined that John was a candidate for TMS and immediately prescribed 36 sessions of it.

Halfway through the course of the treatment of TMS, we discovered that John had a wry sense of humor. His wife reported that John was much calmer and in a better mood. He was better able to handle the family stress. By the completion of his 30 sessions of TMS, John was in complete remission. His depression scale (PHQ-9) came down to 1 from 9 and Anxiety Scale (GAP-7) came down to 3 from 9. He resumed his schedule of 3 days a week of golf and is fully enjoying his retirement life.