South Jersey Integrative Mental Health

South Jersey Integrative Mental Health

We urge you to join us for treatment in South Jersey integrative mental health solutions. A stand out from other facilities, we use ancient Chinese methods and modern Western science practices to expand the possibilities of treating clients with interruptions in their mental health. As each generation learns more about mental health as a facet to be addressed, new ways to analyze, diagnose, and solve have found their way into the therapy and treatments.

At Yang, we like to explore the idea of societal stigmas around your mental health. Rather than quickly diagnose and medicate, we view our patients as complex physical, mental, and spiritual beings. We recognize that there are many factors that impact the status of one’s mental health including:

  • A genetic predisposition stemming from family history of mental health issues
  • A biochemical imbalance
  • An energetic blockages contribute to mental illnesses- we often treat these by adjusting your meridians.

The Yang Institute’s Mental Health Program provides interactive biochemical therapies and energetic treatment to address the root causes of mental illnesses with a minimum or no use of medication.

We offer several ways to go after whatever is hijacking you happiness. Our treatments include:

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