MB Scallen’s Story on Help Managing Menopause

“Dr. Zhang has helped me manage menopause! I came to her quite distraught, as suddenly, with the onset of menopause, my lifelong healthy habits no longer seemed to apply to my aging body. Now, I feel well-balanced and once again in command of myself. To all my middle-aged sisters: if you feel that your body is suddenly not your own; if you’re sleeping poorly; if you’re eating less and gaining weight; if you’re struggling to focus your attention; if hot flashes disrupt your daily life; go see Dr. Zhang. Using acupuncture and a single herbal remedy, she has eased all my symptoms. My weight gain has stopped, I’m sleeping through the night, my hot flashes have all but disappeared, and I feel able to focus with energy and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Dr. Zhang for treatment of menopausal symptoms.” -August 15, 2018