Acupuncture is one of the unique healing modalities from ancient Chinese medicine, with a recorded history of over 2,500 years.

Chinese medicine describes human physiology and psychology in terms of Qi, the vital energy that circulates through energy channels called meridians.

Chinese medicine uniquely relates specific mental and physical functioning to corresponding functions of the meridians. One feels more relaxed and calmer when their qi is balanced, sufficient in amount, and moving freely in the correct direction.

With the insertion of thin hairlike thin needles into select points, acupuncture regulates microscopic energy flows within the body. It helps treat both mental and physical illnesses.

Dr. Yang has had a family lineage of doctors of Chinese medicine for generations and founded the Tao Clinic of Acupuncture and the American Institute of Clinical Acupuncture. Dr. Yang leads a group of highly skilled acupuncturist doctors, providing the best treatment for people who suffer from physical or mental ailments.

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I had breast cancer and mastectomy on my left side. I am grateful that I am cancer-free. However, I have had severe pain and limited range of motion on my left shoulder, allegedly due to scar tissues. I scheduled for surgery to fix it. Dr. Yang suggested he try acupuncture treatments on me to see whether the pain and limited range of motion were primarily ‘energetic.’ When Dr. Yang inserted needles on points in my right leg and elbow, I can move my shoulder for the first time in the six-month post the surgery. A few sessions later, I am pain-free and regained full range of motion. I canceled my surgery. ”

– Maggie H.

My severe sciatica for four months put me into tears while I tried to walk for more than one block. I had metastatic prostate cancer in remission and spinal stenosis. I dread the surgery that was recommended by the orthopedic surgeon friend of mine. I decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Yang, who was highly recommended by my friends. After I received two times weekly acupuncture for four weeks, I was able to walk for long-distance again. Astonishingly, my mood became much calmer too. ”

-Alvin B.

I have had chronic Lyme disease since age 5. I suffer from chronic pain and the horrible neurological, psychological, and physical reactions from antibiotics. Acupuncture has given me a way of life during my medical treatment that I would not have otherwise had. I am extremely grateful for it. I have been receiving acupuncture twice a week for six weeks. Sometimes it hurts, but it was always a good hurt. For me, each acupuncture point is like throwing a stone in a pond, and it lets me re-calibrate the level of water- that is my life. Mentally, I can process things that I normally would not be able to. My level of understanding of the world, in general, has improved. Physically I can do things that I was not able to do. It offered me lots of benefits.”

-James. W

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