Neuro-Psycho-Energetic Therapy

Growing up as ‘a living organism,’ human beings register every life event physically, emotionally, and cognitively. To survive and move on with life, one naturally suppresses or represses any unpleasant or traumatic life events to unconsciousness, and sometimes totally block out these events from memory.

However, the physical and emotional memories remain and become reactivated every time another life event happens that even remotely reminds the body of past events.

One, therefore, reacts to both current and past life events in the form of panic attacks, anxiety, physical symptoms, and behavioral avoidance or aggression. Consequently, These events retraumatize one in amplification each time they happen.

The integration of psychotherapy, neuro-emotional techniques, and acupuncture helps reduce the body’s reaction from emotional and physical trauma. The combination of these therapies is called neuro-psycho-energetic therapy.

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I did not know why I suddenly fell apart with nightmares, panics-like attacks, and severe anxiety. My therapist believed that I suffered from PTSD. The talk therapy did not help much because I had no recollection of what trauma I had. The technique that Dr. Yang used was enlightening. It helped me connected with the physical and emotional experiences I had before, even though I still could not remember what happened to me. The breathing technique, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal remedies significantly improved my condition. It doesn’t seem to matter if I can remember the trauma or not; the experience of it left my body through the treatment. ”

-Jessica L

I found myself suffering from migraines, fibromyalgia, depression, and IBS. I read an article by Dr. Yang that he also relates to the above conditions with PTSD.

I had a tumultuous childhood with many types of abuse. I avoid therapy and do not want to talk about my past and what I went through.

I decide to receive to try acupuncture with Dr. Yang, who happens to be a psychiatrist too. I felt angry a lot after the first two sessions of my treatment. Dr. Yang did warn me that emotional detox may happen with his acupuncture methodology.

Dr. Yang introduced me to a new therapy that did not require me talking about my past trauma.

All I need to do is connect my thoughts and feelings with it during my treatment. My symptoms began to improve dramatically. ”

-Robin E

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