Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Based on a half-century of scientific research by brilliant medical scientists and clinicians like Dr. Wiilaim Walsh, advanced Nutrient Therapy is an excellent example of epigenetic medicine. It offers a natural method for correcting biochemical imbalances caused by genetic predisposition and environmental stressors.

These biochemical imbalances cause all kinds of mental illness and brain dysfunction by affecting neurotransmitters' activities. Nutrients rather than medications can treat these conditions more effectively and far more safely.

This approach proved to be highly successful and has benefited millions of persons diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and others.

Since 2013, Yang Institute has applied the Walsh methodology to its biochemical therapies for mental illnesses, brain dysfunction, and chronic pain. Numerous patients have experienced reduced symptoms, reduced need for medications, improved brain function, productivity, and quality of life.

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My son Jim started having scary thoughts that he would not share with anyone from age 9, which generated an incredible amount of anxiety. He could not sleep at night, focus during the day, very agitated and depressed. Doctors prescribed all kinds of medications that did not help but caused him headaches and stomach pain. Doctor Yang discovered that my son had a biochemical imbalance and was losing vitamins and minerals that were critical for his brain to function. He developed a formula with compounded nutrients for Jim. Now Jim is 12 and has been free of symptoms for nearly two and a half years. "

-Jennifer M

I have OCD and hives almost all my life. I took Luvox at the highest dosage to get by. As the medication began to lose its efficacy and gave more sexual side effects, I began to look for alternative treatment, including nutrients. I got better but still not where I want to be. I started to follow Dr. Yang's treatment protocol religiously, and two years later, I am drug-free and symptom-free. "

-Steve S.

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