Functional (Modern) Medicine

Modern medicine is evolving rapidly with new re-discoveries of how the human body works. One of the fruits of such evolution is the establishment of functional medicine. It applies what modern medicine has learned about how the body works holistically and how lifestyle and environmental factors affect our health and cause diseases.

For example, functional medicine examines bacteria flora, inflammation marks, infections, and absorptions in the intestines. It believes that treating abnormal functions and biochemistry in one’s digestive system can help systemic problems such as autoimmune diseases.

At the Yang Institute, we recognize that emotional distress, digestive dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, immune dysregulation, chronic infection, nutritional deficits, food and environmental toxicity all contribute to brain dysfunction, physical and mental illness. They also affect how we perform and age. Our focus is to discover and address these issues to eliminate the root causes of diseases and promote health.

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I wish my doctors could help me find out why I had been so constipated and bloated, and my stomach hurt. One of my doctors even suggested surgery! I found Yang Institute from my search. Dr. Yang recommended a dietary change eliminating dairy and gluten from my food, walk, and intake of digestive enzymes and herbal remedies. I am 100 % better! ”

-Peter T

I did not know the food I considered healthy generate inflammation in my body until I did a food sensitivity test at the Yang Institute. My family doctor said that I had an autoimmune condition called costochondritis, which made my chest hurt all the time. Once I eliminate the food that gave me inflammation, it just disappeared. ”

-Jackie Y

I always feel cold, tired, and swollen. And I lose hair too. But my blood work of thyroid tests showed I was normal. Dr. Yang helped me find out the test I did was not sufficient to identify the real function of my thyroid. I do not convert and produce enough active thyroid hormone called T3. Dr. Yang made me take my body temperature four times a day for a week and discovered that I was 1.5 degrees lower than the normal. I suffer from hypothyroidism for sure but not detected by standard lab tests. The treatment of supplementing T3 reversed 90% of my symptoms. Now we are working on how I developed hypothyroidism in the first place.”

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