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Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine was founded in 2005 by Dr Jingduan Yang, MD, FAPA.    With locations in South Jersey, Main Line, Philadelphia and New York, Yang Institute provides  integrative therapies for people who suffer from emotional and behavioral challenges, cognitive and executive brain dysfunctions, and chronic pain.  Yang Institute’s multi-disciplinary physicians and holistic care specialists combine cutting edge medical technologies and science with ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture to address the root causes of diseases and offer solutions that are safe, effective, non-invasive and drug free. Treatments include: Advanced Nutrient Therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy, Neurofeedback Therapy, Neuro-Psycho-Acupuncture, Naturopathic & Functional Medicine and many more...     Read more >

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Mental Health Care

We recognize that genetic predisposition, biochemical imbalance and energetic blockages contribute to mental illnesses. The Yang Institute's Mental Health Program provides interactive biochemical therapies and energetic treatment to address the root causes of mental ilnesses with a minimum or no use of medication.
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Brain Function Optimization

We understand that the brain is both a biochemical factory and an energetic power house and has an amazing ability to develop new connections and circuits between neurons. The Yang Institute’s Brain Optimization Program helps achieve better brain function through neuromodulation technologies, advanced nutrient and energetic therapies.
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Pain Management

Based on the comprehensive evaluation of mental and neurological functions, and the understanding of energetic and biochemical integration with the body and the brain, Dr. Yang has developed this unique methodology that integrates modern science with ancient Chinese medicine to address neurological and psychiatric conditions at the energetic level.
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Chronic Illness Care

Medical providers observed the links between acute dysfunction of the heart, liver, kidney and chronic health issues like anxiety, stress and depression. At the Yang Institute, guided by the belief that the human body is a miracle structure with an unbelievably strong inner healing system and the principle of doing no harm first, our experts evaluate and target the underlying root causes of the chronic illness and treat the bosy as a whole with an approach that is natural, safe, effective, and non-drug or with minimum use of drugs.
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Lenice Balier’s Pain Relief Story

“I was fortunate to hear Edmund Gibson at one of his Seminars. I was so impressed. I booked on for 3 treatments. My health history has been years of depression, aching muscles and a foggy head (never clear). I hadn’t laughed in a very long time. After the 1st treatment, I was able to get out of bed without the usual struggle. After the 2nd treatment, the pain (was) gone and more exciting – it was so nice to laugh again. After the 3rd treatment, I felt “So good”. “Oh, how I wish I had met this wonderful man years ago, why did I need... Read more >

Francesca’s Story of Pain Relief

“Dr. Ruonan Zhang has been my savior. I had a chronic case of Sciatica and Piriformis syndrome that causes me to experience excruciating and unyielding pain for over a year and a half. During this time, I had two steroid shots within six months of each other, went to massage therapy, physical therapy and continued working with my wonderful chiropractor gaining only temporary and intermittent relief. I then read about acupuncture and decided to give it a try. UNBELIEVABLE…it worked!!! Dr. Zhang told me I would come for ten sessions. After each session, the degree and location of the pain began to change. I was finding... Read more >

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Dr. Yang Speaks with Norma Kamali2

Dr. Yang Speaks with Norma Kamali

Dr. Yang speaks with his friend, Designer Norma Kamali about how the outward signs of health that are commonly referred to as “beauty” are indicative of organ and circulatory health. He details the ways you can find clues in your appearance to the condition and function your major organs. In this video Dr. Yang discusses: Symptoms of Kidney Issues Ways to Improve Kidney Health The Ties between  Emotional & Physical Health Menopause Symptoms Seasonal Health Changes Acupuncture Points Dr. Yang is a mentor, a friend, and a brilliant Doctor!I am so happy to share our conversation.I sought out an ACUPUNCTURE... Read more >

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