Integrative Pain Management Program

Our Approach

Addresses complete aspects of the human being that contribute to the experience of the pain: physical; social, psychological, and spiritual.

Our Treatments

I came to the Yang Institute with excruciating pain from sciatica. I had tried other methods, including exercise, physical therapy, and medications, which did not help. After six weekly acupuncture treatments and now come every other week, my pain was relieved immediately and increasingly. Most importantly, I felt that I was receiving personalized care. I always left the Yang Institute feeling better physically and emotionally."


...Following a couple of treatments (at Yang Institute), the rotator pain was gone. A restful night returned immediately. Through further treatments, the shoulder, upper back pain, and sciatica went away. I no longer notice any discomfort during my daily activities or while sitting. I have total confidence in the integrated approach to viewing and caring for my health, and plan to continue acupuncture for this entire year. I am in my early 60s, and I feel that I now have a partnership in progressing through this holistic approach."

- Maggie

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