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Integrative Medicine in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

This city is home to a vibrant main street and social scene, making it a great place to live, work and play. We offer a wide range of personalized treatment options and holistic doctors near Bryn Mawr so you can feel your best. We offer acupuncture as a separate service but work to integrate this treatment method into our core care programs, which include:

  • Integrative Mental Health: Our team uses a mind, body and spirit model for Integrative Mental Health, providing practical solutions using cutting-edge technologies.
  • Integrative Brain Health: We can effectively treat disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) through our safe and practical Integrative Brain Health program.
  • Chinese Medicine for Health and Wellness: Our strategic herbal formula for Chinese Medicine for Health and Wellness restores the body's energy levels while cleansing toxins.
  • Integrative Pain Management: The trained Integrative Pain Management providers at Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine consider physical, spiritual, psychological and social health to alleviate pain effectively.
  • Integrative Post-COVID Care: If you are experiencing long-lasting symptoms like foggy brain, chronic pain and fatigue after having COVID-19, our Advanced Nutrient Therapy as part of our Integrative Post-COVID Care, can help your body and restore your quality of life.
  • Integrative Women's Health: With our Integrative Women's Health program, our functional medicine doctors in Bryn Mawr can help restore your energy levels, mental strength and overall sense of balance from significant life events such as menstruation, giving birth and menopause.

Doctors and Providers

Jingduan Yang, M.D.

President and Medical Director
Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry

(Telemedicine only)

Specialty Areas:
Integrative Psychiatry
Integrative Medicine
Clinical Acupuncture
Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine

Marlton, NJ
Bryn Mawr, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Ruonan Zhang, M.D. (China), L.Ac.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Specialty Areas:
Chronic and Acute Pain
Cancer Care
Depression and Anxiety
Menopause Symptoms
Holistic Fertility Treatment

Bryn Mawr, PA


Alene Bender Herman, MSN, CRNP

Board-Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Specialty Areas:
Women’s and adolescent health
Chronic infections
Metabolic syndrome
Mental and brain health problems caused by inflammation, infection, gut dysfunction, chemical sensitivity, hormonal imbalance
Pelvic pain
Menstrual disorders
Autoimmune diseases
Mind-body medicine
Functional medicine
Telehealth / Telemedicine

Bryn Mawr, PA


“Excellent first visit. From my initial greeting at the front desk to my evaluation and first treatment- everything was thoroughly explained in great detail. I left feeling much better than when I went in – definite pain relief and very relaxed.” -PATRICIA S.

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