Advanced Nutrient Therapy Method

What is Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Developed by Dr. William Walsh, Advanced Nutrient Therapy is an excellent example of epigenetic medicine. It offers a natural method for correcting biochemical imbalances in neurotransmitter activity, and treatment is based on the results of the patient’s simple  blood and urine tests.

This method is the culmination of research of over 30,000 patients with varieties of mental illness and the discovery of the 5 biochemical imbalances most common to these patients.  These imbalances can be effectively and far more safely treated with nutrients than medications.

Benefits of Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Most patients experience the following benefits from advanced nutrient therapy:

  • The concentration of the nutrients needed for the creation of nutrients in the brain is returned to normal
  • Neurotransmitter activity is properly regulated
  • The stress of the out of balance chemicals in the brain is reduced

A major advantage of Advanced Nutrient Therapy is the absence of the serious side effects associated with psychiatric medications. This approach proved to be highly successful and has benefited millions of persons diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia, ADHD and other mental disorders.

Advanced Nutrient Therapy At Yang Institute

Since 2013, when Yang Institute applied the Walsh methodology to its biochemical therapies for mental illnesses, brain dysfunction and chronic pain, numerous patients have experienced reduced symptoms, reduced need for medications, improved brain function, productivity and quality of life.

The Walsh protocol is used at the Yang Institute with its Advanced Nutrient Therapy program. Physicians at Yang Institute work closely with Dr. Walsh to optimize the outcome of our patients.

Advanced Nutrient Therapy is well received by the American Psychiatric Association and the world integrative medicine communities.

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