Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

Modern medicine is evolving rapidly with new re-discoveries of how the human body works. One of the fruits of such evolution is the establishment of naturopathic and functional medicine. It applies what modern medicine has learned about how the body works holistically and how lifestyle and environmental factors affect our health and causes diseases.

For example, functional medicine tests GI bacteria flora, inflammation marks, infections and absorptions. It believes that treating abnormal functions and biochemistry in one’s digestive system can help systematic problems like autoimmune diseases.  It pays attention to how different parts of the body affect each other and how natural therapies can help treat most health problems. Naturopathic medicine shares the same philosophy as functional medicine and applies more types of natural therapies in the treatments.

Functional Medicine at Yang Institute

At the Yang Institute, we recognize that emotional distress, digestive dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, immune dysregulation, chronic infection, nutritional deficits, food and environmental toxicity all contribute to brain dysfunction and mental illness. Our focus is to discover and address these issues to eliminate the root causes of illnesses.