QEEG Guided TMS Therapy

The brain is a biochemical factory as well as energetic power house. Advance digital technology known as quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) analyzes the complex brain’s electronic activities and provides incredibly detailed information on how the brain is performing electronically.  For the patient, it is often the first time for them to understand what their brain is doing to them, and what they have been fighting against during the cognitive, executive, emotional and behavioral challenges. For doctors, it provides a guiding map for modulating the abnormal brain activities with neurofeedback and transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. It even helps with selections of types of psychotherapy and medications.

TMS therapy is capable of modulating the brain waves by either activating or deactivating abnormal brain activities discovered by qEEG. When guided by qEEG data, TMS therapy becomes much more targeted and individualized in order to address much wider mental and brain dysfunctions. It may require less sessions than the standard depression protocol.  It is also no longer limited to treating depression only. However, the same safety and contraindications apply here as well.

Yang Institute has adopted the clinical methodologies developed by the leading experts in the field.  Our physicians and neuro-therapists work very closely to optimize the treatment outcome.