Ruonan Zhang, M.D. (China), L.Ac.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Bryn Mawr, PA

Dr. Ruonan Zhang is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She specializes in treating acute and chronic pain, fertility support, reproductive and gynecological conditions, cancer treatment side effects including surgeries, chemotherapies and radiation, healthy aging support, emotional well-being and rehabilitation of stroke and spine injuries.

Dr. Zhang received her medical degree from Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. She has a Master’s degree from the Fourth Military Medical University in the Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine for Cancer Care. She had worked as an attending physician in hospitals in China for over ten years. Dr. Zhang has also been working with Dr. Yang at Tao Integrative Medicine and the Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital since 2008.

Dr. Zhang has over twenty years of clinical experience in practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and western medicine. She combines facets of both eastern and western medicine to provide customized treatment plans for each patient’s condition.

Insurance: Dr. Zhang is an approved In-network Provider of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.


“Dr. Zhang has helped me manage menopause! I came to her quite distraught, as suddenly, with the onset of menopause, my lifelong healthy habits no longer seemed to apply to my aging body. Now, I feel well-balanced and once again in command of myself. Using acupuncture and a single herbal remedy, she has eased all my symptoms. My weight gain has stopped, I’m sleeping through the night, my hot flashes have all but disappeared, and I feel able to focus with energy and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Dr. Zhang for treatment of menopausal symptoms.”
– Mary S.

“Dr. Zhang helped me with back pain, migraines and even my digestion with acupuncture. I was impressed at how thorough Dr. Zhang was. I was concerned with my back pain but she addressed many more issues. After Dr. Zhang treated me and my pain was gone, she told me that I didn’t need to come as much, which I appreciated.“
– Maria

“Within just a few days, I do feel I have better mood, better sleep, less stress and less hair loss. I continued to drive one hour to see Dr. Zhang once a week for acupuncture and herbal medicines. She was very patient and caring. She listens and responds. In early December I found myself pregnant!”
– Jun T.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Ruonan Zhang, a cancer specialist at Yang Institute, for the past 4 months for acupuncture treatments, herbal supplements, and medicinal teas for my metastatic cervical cancer.

The various treatments she’s administering are helping me greatly in handling this second round of chemotherapy treatment. I have a lot more energy, good appetite, restful sleep and much pain relief.

I’m very grateful to Dr. Zhang. She’s an excellent doctor. She’s kind, caring, reassuring, and attentive.”
– Dorothy

The receptionist is very courteous, which is important because she sets the president for the office in general. Dr Ruo Nan Zhang is truly a master in her field of medicine, very communicative and patient. She thoroughly thinks through your treatment and applies it accordingly. My wife and I love her.