More Success Stories

Linda’s Story on Digestion and Diet

“My digestion is better. That’s a big improvement. I am off thyroid medication completely. I feel more confident about cooking and eating a greater variety of things.  I’ve added more choices to my diet, and more aware of protein and fiber and greens at each meal and how that affects how I am feeling. I feel optimistic about the future that I will be able to choose things that most help me manage my health concerns. Ellen is an excellent health coach. She is consistent and patient.”

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AZ’s Story on Non-Drug Holistic Treatment of Severe Depression and PTSD

“My family and I saw drastic changes in a very short period of time. I came to Dr. Yang to treat my severe depression and PTSD.  Dr. Yang was recommended to me by a friend for his non-drug holistic approach to mental health.  At the beginning of my treatment, I felt completely hopeless – I had zero desire to eat, socialize and even carry out everyday tasks. For my treatment, I received TMS and Neurofeedback three times a week conducted by the very experienced and knowledgeable Ellen. Coming out of depression is no easy task and no one should […]

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Rachel’s Story on TMS Treatment for Persistent Depression and Anxiety

“I have had many years of persistent anxiety and depression since I was 12 years old. I’ve also gone through several tough times along the way including losing a parent to cancer. My life was affected by the depression and anxiety drastically. At times, I was unable to leave my home. I missed a lot of experiences as a teenager and a young adult. Medication to help ease the anxiety and depression had made me feel terribly worse. TMS was my last hope and all the people at Yang made me feel very comfortable during my treatment. I’ve made […]

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