Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

Contributed by By Ellen Wang at Yang Institute Of Integrative Medicine

“Brian” is a 40-year-old male, who has a highly successful career in finance. Before coming to the Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine, being someone on a quest for peak performance, Brian had researched and educated himself extensively over the years on holistic nutrition, brain health, and fitness. He practices a special diet, a rigorous fitness routine, daily meditation, and neurofeedback home training. So “Brian” came to Yang Institute to further his journey on peak performance training.

Brain’s qEEG brain maps showed that he had excessive frontal Theta and also confirmed his tinnitus. We then created a customized neurofeedback protocol for “Brian”. After 20 sessions of neurofeedback, “Brian” decided that he has achieved his goal. He said in an email to us: :

“I am doing absolutely excellent. My golf game is fantastic. I’ve been very focused on work. My ear ringing has remained very muted. Everything seems to be working out as planned.” Sep 2019