Alvin’s Story

“I was recommended to the Yang Institute by Dr. Yang’s reputation. I came to Yang Institute with severe and crippling back and leg pains. I tried epidural injections and many different medications to find relief. The condition was only getting worse. Before I saw Dr. Yang, the pain lasted for a year in duration. I was immobilized by the pain, unable to walk easily, and unable to pursue recreational activities; the pain was excessive and crippling. modafinil buy poland buying modafinil europe After receiving weekly acupuncture and herbal treatments, almost immediately I have seen a difference. Overall, in about 4 weeks, the pain lessened, and in about 9 months the pain was almost gone. My experience with acupuncture was spectacular: the elimination of pain and my general health is much better, and physically more sure of myself. I had some other difficulty with the treatment of metastasized Prostate Cancer and the acupuncture treatment was beneficial in that area also.”