Jonathan’s Story on Integrative Medicine

“I’m very demanding, I also am well versed in the practice of integrative medicine. The current trend as more and more integrative med practices are being established within all the major area hospitals, I still am fully capable of endorsing. Dr. Yang and his group of Doctors (and Practitioners) are way ahead of the current curve, both with regard to acupuncture specifically. I personally have had immense improvement and success with a lower back injury in this regard. Further, from my research, it’s clear to me that Dr. Yang and his team are well ahead of any other integrative medicine teams at each of the major hospitals. In addition, his cost structure is significantly lower. I believe the Yang Institute is vastly superior in every regard. I have also recommended the Yang Institute to my family members and friends, and the reports have been stellar, just as my experience has been. Also, (through) the popular book written by Dr. Yang, “Facing East”, (I ) obtained a better understanding of Eastern Medicine and topics relating to Integrative Medicine.- April 9, 2019