Joseph’s Story

“Sunday November 26, 2006, I had a sneezing fit around noon. After the last sneeze, my back, the lowest region, felt like it was struck by lightning. I had the most intense pain I have ever felt. I went to the floor immediately, and could not move for several minutes. After dealing with constant pain for a few days, I went to the emergency room on Tuesday morning. I could not endure the pain any further. The only thing the hospital was able to do for me was to give me pain medication and a muscle relaxant. I received treatments from my chiropractor but the pain was still there. I came to your office on Wednesday and got an (acupuncture) treatment. After two needles were applied to my right hand, the pain was literally turned off. I believe the acupuncture is directly responsible for my  quick recovery. I will be sure to spread the word about the miracle of acupuncture.”