Maggie’s Story

“I tore my rotator cuff two years ago. I found Yang  Integrative Medicine. When I arrived, I was unable to lift my shoulder, wash my hair or dress, all painful rotator issues. My sleep was disturbed, the right shoulder was painful. I often suffered neck pain, sitting for prolonged periods was also an issue, a sciatic nerve would flare up. Following a couple of acupuncture treatments, my  rotator pain was gone. A restful night returned immediately… Through further treatments, the shoulder, upper back pain and sciatica are gone. I no longer notice any discomfort during my daily activities or while sitting. I have total confidence in the  integrated approach to viewing and caring for my health and plan to continue acupuncture for this entire year; continuing the benefits into my future health. I am in my early 60s, and I feel that I now have a partnership in progressing through this holistic approach.”