AZ’s Story on Non-Drug Holistic Treatment of Severe Depression and PTSD

“My family and I saw drastic changes in a very short period of time. I came to Dr. Yang to treat my severe depression and PTSD.  Dr. Yang was recommended to me by a friend for his non-drug holistic approach to mental health.  At the beginning of my treatment, I felt completely hopeless – I had zero desire to eat, socialize and even carry out everyday tasks.

For my treatment, I received TMS and Neurofeedback three times a week conducted by the very experienced and knowledgeable Ellen. Coming out of depression is no easy task and no one should have to do it alone. Ellen’s patience, kindness, and professionalism made me feel like I was in good hands even in my most hopeless state. 

As I write this note and think back to my 4-week intensive treatment at Yang Institute, I can’t help but smile – TMS, Neurofeedback, and my therapy sessions with Dr. Yang have been highly effective and I have come a long way in my recovery. I am grateful to have found Yang Institute. “ -August 16, 2019