Rosalyn’s Story on Cosmetic Acupuncture

Originally I came because I was having a re-occurrence of pain from adhesions due to a previous operation due to my Chron’s disease. I had heard about cosmetic acupuncture and the idea that I could do it without any cutting or any kind of damaging to my skin was very appealing and I believe in acupuncture so I wanted to try it.

After about 7 or 8 treatments, I noticed the tone of my skin changed and it looked much brighter and clearer and it was just really nice.

The overall experience was very comfortable and very enjoyable. Dr. Gong listens to my questions carefully and gives me very thoughtful answers and I have complete confidence in her.

I  continue to do the treatment every once in a while. I would say the results have lasted for months.  Other people noticed a big difference in my appearance as well. I get comments from all over.”