Tom’s Story

“When I was in the 7th grade I began to get very bad headaches. I was actually afraid when these headaches would come because they hurt so badly I thought I had a serious brain tumor. The doctor at that time said they were from sinus and also that I may need eyeglasses. As I grew older and in high school, my headaches got worse.

When I got my headaches I would have to go to bed. I needed to get out of lighted areas. I used to put hot towels on my head and close the blinds to make the room dark. For the reminder of my life, I got one of these dreadful headaches every month! In June this year, Dr.Yang of Yang Institute began to treat my headaches with acupuncture. I really did not think it would work but I thought “why not try it!” Dr.Yang has also helped to control my Bi-polar with acupuncture and believe me it works.

Now my headaches are gone. This has been the first summer in my life that has been migraine free. As of this writing, I have not had a migraine… Thank goodness!”