X.C.’s Story

I have been suffering from depression for about two years. The medication helped but not completely. I was not feeling myself and would sometimes cry for hours. I had no interest in life and did not feel like to dress up. This summer I decided to have TMS treatment along with Yang’s comprehensive care program when I was visiting my son in the U.S. After 6 weeks of daily treatments of TMS, acupuncture, psychotherapy, nutrition and other services, I feel so much better. When I first came, I could barely walk 20 minutes. Now I take a walk for more than an hour every day and even my twenty-year-old son couldn’t keep up with me. He noticed I am now interested in many things in life. I am full of energy and very optimistic about my future. I am very grateful to everyone at Yang Integrative Medicine. Their comprehensive care program is extremely effective with a team of medical experts caring for me from both western and Chinese medicine perspectives utilizing different modalities. I also found the staff very friendly and caring.”