Acupuncture for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction and Beyond

Blog: Ease Your Stress and Anxiety With Integrative Acupuncture

One feels more relaxed and calmer when his qi is balanced, sufficient in amount, and moving freely in the correct direction

Chinese medicine describes human physiology and psychology in terms of Qi, the vital energy that circulates through energy channels called meridians. Chinese medicine uniquely relates specific mental and physical functioning to corresponding meridians. Qi balance is described in terms of yin and yang, which represent opposing qualities of energy.

Restore the balance of Yin and Yang energy & activate one’s own healing power

The experienced providers at Yang Institute apply specific acupuncture techniques to stimulate the flow of energy and restore the natural balance between Yin and Yang circulation. To optimize the treatment results, we also integrate other services and approaches, such as psychotherapies, meditation, lifestyle coaching, and nutrition.