Integrative Brain Optimization Program

Our Approach

Using cutting- edge technology and advanced medical science to uncover the root causes of brain dysfunction.

Our integrative approach will keep the brain young and robust, and the mind focused, flexible, clear, and sharp, as well as achieving inner calm in the face of stressors.

At Yang Institute, executives, financial traders, professional athletes, and other similar professionals – all have demanding jobs that are impacted to a high degree by their mental acuity.

You can prevent the decline of brain function as we age – and optimize brain function with the right techniques.

Our Treatments

I've been in corporate America for 20 years. In addition to a high-stress job, launching my own consultancy business added another layer of stress to my complex life. ...I started to search for different avenues to control my stress. That journey led me to Yang Institute. The blend of Western and Eastern medicine makes total sense. I have noticed after my treatments (with Neurofeedback and Acupuncture) started I was able to concentrate more. I can put things together, and things are clear in my mind. My whole wellness started clicking."

-Nelson's Story

I have a great job and a happy family, but recently I found myself get mentally fatigued. Everything seems to be taking more time and becoming more stressful. I am only forty- three years old and can not afford to feel like this. While my executive health examination showed that I had no problem, my QEEG done at Yang Institute indicated abnormal brain waves. It is amazing how quickly the brain can be trained to fiction better. Providing my brain with the nutrients that were missing made a huge difference too."- Joe E

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