Jun T.’s Story

“When I first met Dr. Yang and Dr. Zhang in the middle of October 2017, I was struggling with depression that resulted from my previous three early miscarriages (at week 5/6) in six years, with unspecified reasons. Dr. Yang conducted a biochemical test and prescribed me medicine for depression, and Dr. Zhang conducted acupuncture and gave me Chinese herb medicines for mood relaxation and health, which helped a lot. Within just a few days, I do feel I have better mood, better sleep, less stress and less hair loss. https://www.caasimada.net/ I continued to drive one hour to see Dr. Zhang once a week for acupuncture and herb medicines. She was very patient and caring. She listens and responds. In early December I found myself pregnant! Dr. Zhang stopped my herb medicines but continued with weekly acupuncture. She adjusted the way she put needles every week according to my body situation. With her careful treatment, I am now 14 weeks in my pregnancy! Many thanks to Dr. Zhang and Dr. Yang for their care. I would highly recommend Yang Institute and Dr. Yang and Dr. Zhang to those who suffer from similar losses. Give yourself some time and give Yang Institute a chance to help you, maybe you would also experience a miracle like I did. Thank you Dr. Zhang and Thank you Dr. Yang! Good luck to those who read my review! Hope you find a solution to your problem.” – March, 13, 2018