Christine’s Story on Sleep disorder

“Dear Future Patient of Dr.Yang:

Does this sound familiar? You fall asleep easily, but wake up in the middle of the night. Your mind is racing… Thoughts begin to spin out of control.

After dealing with insomnia for over 20 years, I can honestly say it’s not an issue. I feel great, I’m sleeping better than ever and I have Dr.Yang to thank for this phenomenal change in my life.

I’ve tried everything! Sleeping pills worked for a number of years but I felt as if I were losing mental clarity. Dr. Yang put me in touch with myself on a deeper more natural level. He used a multi-tiered approach, diet, supplements, acupuncture and good old-fashioned conversation to get to the root of my problem. We figured it out together.

For so many years I would go to my doctor, relay my symptoms and walk out with a new prescription. Nothing worked to rid me of my ongoing problem with insomnia; the drugs only masked the overlying issue. I decided it was time to get off the hamster wheel and began investigating Integrative Medicine. Thankfully, a good friend recommended Dr. Yang.

So many of us feel we have to try the latest and greatest ideas in medicine but what we really need is to reach back into the past, where treating the entire patient was paramount. For me, traditional Chinese medicine proved to be the answer: Mind, Body and Spirit.

In the short time I’ve been seeing Dr. Yang and his associate Dr. Zhang, my life has become calmer, my mind sharper and my creatively more abounding. The food fueling my body is energizing me and the supplements are helping my digestion, not to mention a myriad of other concerns.

By taking time to focus on myself, I feel my quality of life has improved and this small journey to overcome a big problem has been worth the effort. I hope these words encourage you to take the next steps forward to solving your problems. Your life can get better. Mine did.” -Feb. 2013