Amy Yang

Amy is a systemically-trained psychotherapist with a clinical background in couples and family therapy. She understands that multiple internal and external systems can impact our mental health and views the individual in the context of the larger systems they’re a part of. Utilizing a strength-based and culturally sensitive approach, Amy is compassionate about helping people, and is an advocate for her patients. She works with her clients collaboratively to identify goals that they want to work towards and cultivates a safe space to do so. Amy believes that the first step to healing is in building a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients. Amy sees individual, couples, and families in her therapeutic work.

Amy has a Masters in Family Therapy from Drexel University, specializing in working with interpersonal and relational issues. Prior to transitioning to the mental health field, Amy worked as a lab manager for Shriners Pediatric Research Center at Temple University, conducting research on cerebral palsy. Besides providing psychotherapy, Amy functions in various roles to support the operation of Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine and Yang TMS Center.