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Can Acupuncture Provide a Solution to the Opioid Epidemic? 

In recent years, the opioid epidemic in America has reached critical levels. According to CNN, the number of deaths attributed to opioid overdose has quadrupled since 1999. Although the use of illegal drugs like heroin comprises part of the epidemic, most of the deaths involve prescription painkillers.

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Infrared Sauna Therapy

Sweating is good for you. Seriously, sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Our state-of-art Full Spectrum (near, mid, and far) Infrared Sauna helps promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat.

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Elizabeth – Acupuncture for Hot Flashes

“I suffered from severe hot flashes. To describe them…you could fry an egg on my back. That’s how hot I would feel. I was constantly hot and sweaty, I even had night sweats. I tried everything that on the market that might help; anything I could get my hands on. Nothing worked until I came to the Tao Clinic at Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine for treatment with Dr. Yang. After 12 treatments of acupuncture and herbs, the hot flashes started to go away. And now it’s been a year and it’s like I don’t even have them anymore. Acupuncture and herbal medicine have also helped with the pain in my hands from carpal tunnel syndrome, my bowel movements are more regular, and a mole that was on the center of my back has completely disappeared. Acupuncture makes me feel good. After treatment, the experience leaves me so relaxed, and like there’s light energy around me. I feel like I’m floating when I leave Dr. Yang’s office. I’ve recommended the services at the Tao Institute to a lot of people. I know some people are apprehensive about trying something that seems new and typically unconventional, but I was at the point where I had to try it and the results were outstanding.

Norma Karmali, a fashion designer in New York (in an interview by Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine)

“I had heard about acupuncture face-lift and now I came to Dr. Jingduan Yang every week. People see the difference in my neck and my face and I think it’s the total results of Dr. Yang on all of my organs and circulation. It all comes together to create a better result.”

Addressing Depression and Anxiety in the Modern Workplace

As we approach October 10th, celebrated worldwide as World Mental Health Day, Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine would like to address the state of mental health in the modern workplace, which is the theme for this year’s observance. Because we spend such an enormous amount of our lives working, it is only inevitable that our mental illnesses stem from, or are exacerbated by, our jobs.

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Neurofeedback and ADHD

By George Yang at Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine

The therapeutic application of neurofeedback for ADHD has been implemented since the 1970s. Research has shown that neurofeedback can be a potentially effective therapy for ADHD, and the results were promising. Several different neurofeedback protocols have been observed.

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Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Integrative Medicine: A New Trend in Government

A few months into 2018, America’s opioid epidemic continues to rage on. However, some developments prompted by our government offer some glimmers of hope. Shapers of law and policy on both the state and federal levels have started to embrace non-drug therapies like acupuncture and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as treatments for chronic pain and effective therapies in addiction recovery.

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Methylation Disorders

Methylation is truly a multi-tasking marvel that allows us to be “healthy and human.” Though this highly intricate process occurs within each cell as well as in the fluid supplying the brain and within the liver, it is responsible for the most vital undertakings throughout body chemistry.

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Acupuncture for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction and Beyond

Blog: Ease Your Stress and Anxiety With Integrative Acupuncture

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Community Support: Veterans Programs

Three Ways Veterans Can Benefit From Acupuncture Treatments

As the amount of research and awareness surrounding complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) increases, so do its applications across a wide range of demographics and locations throughout America.

Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine has partnered with the Veterans Affairs to provide acupuncture services. The three major benefits of acupuncture treatments include:

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Women’s Health: Menopause Treatment, Fertility Support and Beyond

Fertility Support

People experience infertility for many different physical and emotional reasons. It is believed that stress reduction, nutritional support, and a healthier lifestyle increase the chances of pregnancy.

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Depression, Anxiety and PTSD
Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

Blog: Understanding Depression: The 5 Biotypes
By Jingduan Yang, MD

Depression, a common mental disorder, accounts for most cases of disability in the world. It negatively impacts almost every aspect of a person’s life, reducing their ability to function and inducing feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and fatigue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression around the globe.

The medical community has made many strides toward reducing the stigma of mental illness and improving access to treatment and therapy. However, our understanding of depression and its biological causes continues to evolve.

The Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine firmly believes in the value of time-honored, empirically-tested medical techniques from around the world. On top of that, we also believe that medical professionals should take all aspects of a person’s life into consideration when diagnosing and treating them. William Walsh, Ph.D., serves as an example of this approach.

In his study of over 30,000 patients, Dr. Walsh has defined five different depression biotypes. These all represent different forms of chemical imbalances in the body that may disrupt the production of neurotransmitters or hormones that regulate mood and energy levels. Because these biotypes represent different biological underpinnings for depressive symptoms, each may respond better to different treatments or medications.


Depressed individuals with this biotype tend to exhibit low levels of serotonin, a type of neurotransmitter. They may demonstrate high levels of accomplishment, but also tend to have addictive tendencies. Although they can appear outwardly calm, they frequently carry a tremendous amount of tension. Over 38% of depression diagnosis may fall under this biotype.


Women comprise over 95% of depressed individuals with thin biotype. High copper levels may lead to anxiety, postpartum depression, and sensitive skin. In this instance, depression may be attributed to elevated norepinephrine levels and low dopamine.

Folate Deficiency

Depressed patients with low folate levels demonstrate unusually low energy and libido incongruent with their high anxiety. Incidentally, they tend to display a high number of food and chemical sensitivities.

Toxic Metal

Those with toxic metal depression typically report a periodic metallic taste in their mouth. They also exhibit irritability and often mention abdominal pain. Patients with this form of depression show the impaired function of NMDA, receptors critical to memory function and synaptic plasticity.


In this biotype, people tend to experience severe mood swings, sensitivity to noise and light, and high oxidative stress. Dr. Walsh’s study indicates that individuals with this biotype have a deficiency of zinc and B-6.

To read about these biotypes in more detail, visit the website of the Walsh Research Institute at

“At its core, integrative medicine assesses and cares about a person at the structural, biochemical, energetic, and soul levels, utilizing the best tools we have to meet a person’s needs fully,” writes Dr. Jingduan Yang in his book, Facing East. Dr. Yang founded the Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine around the same principles that Dr. Walsh kept in mind when defining the five biotypes of depression; namely, that every part of a person’s life contributes to their overall health and well-being. The Yang Institute for Integrative Medicine provides a number of treatments designed to address depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and a great many other physical and mental issues. To learn more, get in touch today.





Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

Contributed by By Ellen Wang at Yang Institute Of Integrative Medicine

“Brian” is a 40-year-old male, who has a highly successful career in finance. Before coming to the Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine, being someone on a quest for peak performance, Brian had researched and educated himself extensively over the years on holistic nutrition, brain health, and fitness. He practices a special diet, a rigorous fitness routine, daily meditation, and neurofeedback home training. So “Brian” came to Yang Institute to further his journey on peak performance training.

Brain’s qEEG brain maps showed that he had excessive frontal Theta and also confirmed his tinnitus. We then created a customized neurofeedback protocol for “Brian”. After 20 sessions of neurofeedback, “Brian” decided that he has achieved his goal. He said in an email to us: :

“I am doing absolutely excellent. My golf game is fantastic. I’ve been very focused on work. My ear ringing has remained very muted. Everything seems to be working out as planned.” Sep 2019

Sarah’s Story on Becoming Pregnant after Acupuncture Treatments

“As a 38-year-old woman wanting to get pregnant with my first, I decided to give acupuncture a try to give my fertility a boost. I read about Dr. Yang in a magazine article and researched his profile online. Based on his wonderful reputation, I decided to give Yang Integrative Medicine a try. Dr. Yang even exceeded his reputation as a highly caring medical professional who takes time with the overall assessment of each patient’s health, emotionally and physically. I felt both relaxed and energized after treatments, and I am delighted to say that after only four acupuncture treatments, I became pregnant! I am thrilled and will continue to go to Dr. Yang for treatments to support the pregnancy and my general health. While I went to Dr. Yang for fertility, the treatments encompassed a range of issues including anxiety and even some facial acupuncture at my request. I highly recommend Dr. Yang and the Yang-Integrative Institute to women thinking about getting pregnant. Whether there is a fertility issue or not, this is a terrific way to ensure optimal health for yourself and your baby.”